Belgian expansionism and the making of Egyptology, 1830-1952

Marleen De Meyer & Athena Van der Perre: "Pyramids, Progress, en de Papyrus Westerman Holstijn"

Papyrus Westerman Holstijn

At the 46th annual Flemish-Dutch Egyptologists Day, on 27 October 2018, P&P-team members Athena Van der Perre and Marleen De Meyer presented "Pyramids and Progress" to a curious audience of Belgian and Dutch Egyptologists. Next to their presentation of the background and mission of the project, they also introduced the pseudo-pharaonic and witty Papyrus Westerman Holstijn. This is document created by a group of students of Adriaan De Buck on the occasion of a trip to Egypt they undertook in January 1955. Photographs of this document are preserved in the archive of the RMAH in Brussels.

Lecture Egyptologendag

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9 Feb 2019 (15:22)